Rose Petal Blend Shabby Chic. 600 Real Rose Petals. Wedding Petals from Flyboy Naturals 15 cups Price: $44.95 (as of 11/03/2024 20:59 PST- Details)

Real Rose Petals
Freeze-Dried Petals


Approximately 675 Real Rose Petals. Wedding Petals. Shabby Chic | Rustic Romance is our brand new rose petal blend….a stunning blend of Eco-friendly freeze dried in shades of ivory off white & a touch of soft pink rose petals. REAL petals and like everything in nature they will vary in color, shape and size (Currently, petals are small to medium size 9.30.22). We do our best to ship as close to the photo as possible. Our all natural, real rose petals offer you a solution to the problems you may face when choosing fresh flower petals. With our preserved petals you can order well in advance of your date and be confident your rose petals will be stunning. They look like fresh petals. They have all of the beauty of fresh & none of the problems. You’ll have no need to worry about ordering fresh petals at the last minute. No stressing over IF your petals will arrive on time or “at the very last minute”. No stress about what condition they will be in once they do arrive…No concerns about them turning brown, being bruised, moldy or damaged. Best of all NO need for refrigeration!!! They will NOT stain, the are not slippery (under normal conditions) Big bonus…they are bio-degradable! Remember to embellish your receptions tables, cake, ladies room, honeymoon suite etc. They are also a perfect choice to decorate at home for a romantic candle lit dinner! Approximately 45 per cup 15 cups = 675 petals 30 cups = 1,530 petals 60 cups = 3,000 petals 120 cups = 5,760 petals 240 cups = 11,250 petals 300 cups = 13,500 petals. Rose Petals in this blend may include bridal white rose petals, ivory rose petals, porcelana rose petals, champagne rose petals, french lace rose petals & wedding blush rose petals…Some of the rose petals are vintage looking with their “tea stained” coloring. Non-staining, Not slippery, all natural, eco-friendly, freeze dried bio-degradable & affordable! Flyboy’s petals are the preferred choice of most venues & event planners! COLOR MAY VARY FROM YOUR MONITOR. Grown on our family farm in Oregon, USA.

Real Rose Petals
Freeze-Dried Petals
Grown in Oregon
Made in the USA

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